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Headteacher: Victoria Hudson
SENDCo: Betty Stephenson
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri - 8:50am - 3:30pm

Our Values, Vision & Focus

Learning for happiness, safety and success.

In collaboration with our pupils, families, teachers and the wider community we have explored and refined our approach to learning and life here at Sedbergh Primary School. We have considered and discussed the beliefs, attitues and ideas that underpin our thinking and decision making. We want to prepare our children for life in a modern and diverse world and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to be happy and successful.

Our Values

 Our curriculum is based on our beliefs and the things we value. These include;









Our Vision

Through our curriculum we aim to equip our children to;

  • be resilient, positive and hardworking
  • flourish and enjoy their lives, recognising and valuing all the opportunities that they are presented with
  • be ready to work and thrive in a modern, constantly evolving, technological world
  • make healthy and safe choices in order to protect their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • be tolerant, empathetic and respectful towards all the people they encounter
  • understand their responsibilities as members of the human race and inhabitants of planet earth

Our Focus

In school, and in class, when we teach and when we learn we;

  • Are positive
  • Listen to the teacher and to each other
  • Follow instructions and respond positively to advice
  • Aim to work independently and seek help when we need it
  • Use our time effectively
  • We are friendly, we work together and include everyone
  • Build on our strengths and our mistakes
  • Bounce back and be resilient – ‘Stick at it’
  • Enjoy learning and understand that at times learning can be challenging