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Beech Class 

September 2023 Letter

The term has started smoothly with all pupils settling in well to their new classroom. Throughout the year, Year 5 children will mostly be taught as a whole class by Mr. Cayley. Whenever possible, they will be separated into smaller differentiated groups with some of these groups being taught by Mrs. Steel or Miss France helping to enhance and extend learning. All pupils will have access to the Year 5 curriculums in all foundation subjects.

Maths will usually begin with a differentiated warm-up for all the children before they move on to their respective groups, focusing on work appropriate for their abilities.

English will be taught as a whole class with all children accessing the Year 5 skills whilst also revising previously taught skills from earlier year groups. Reading books should be taken home every night so the children can read to an adult for about five minutes and then brought back to school the next day. Spelling patterns and rules (this term focusing on the Spellits programme) will be learnt at school during English sessions but should also be revised at home, ready for tests on Friday mornings. This will hopefully help the words to stick and so they can be used successfully during writing sessions.

P.E. lessons will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon (with Calvin Moorhead) and swimming lessons will be on a Thursday afternoon with Mr. Cayley. Please can children have their P.E. kits in school all the time in case they are needed for other activities and also make sure they have their swimming gear (costume, towel, goggles, brush for their hair, bag to carry their kit in) every Thursday.

On Tuesday, the class will also have an R.E. session with Mrs. Kenyon.

This term’s science focuses on the topic, ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ and will involve a wide range of practical experiments.

If you would like to know more about the work we are doing, please have a look at the ‘curriculum wall’ which can be found on the school website.

S. Cayley