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Headteacher: Victoria Hudson
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Behaviour Policy Statement & Rationale

At Sedbergh Primary School we aim to create a calm, orderly and purposeful environment in which children learn and feel safe. We believe that the welfare needs of our children are best met when school staff, governors and parents work together to achieve all our aims. Through our behaviour policy we endeavour to make children take responsibility for their actions.

Our aims are:

  • To ensure effective teamwork forms the basis of a professional and motivated staff who always put children first.
  • To promote a caring ethos that nurtures positive relationships, with everybody equally valued, celebrated and proud of their achievements.
  • To provide an engaging, relevant and fun curriculum that ensures children are well prepared for education, work and life.
  • To ensure a culture of challenge and high expectation is promoted to maximise individual potential and create an outstanding workforce.
  • To develop an awareness of self, community and global issues that fosters responsible behaviour with a respect for British values.
  • Children are taught in a stimulating learning environment with high quality resources.

We believe that it is vital that children are taught how to behave in an appropriate manner. We set clear and high expectations of behaviour and explicitly share these with the children and all the staff working within school.

We endeavour to promote positive behaviour and reward appropriate choices that the children make.

We teach specific life skills through the SMSC and PHSE curriculum.

Four Key Areas of Behaviour:


  • Everybody is treated fairly
  • Children look after and respect their property and other peoples.
  • Use resources appropriately
  • Awareness of feelings and a sense of empathy is encouraged
  • Children treat people the way they wish to be treated and show a sense of empathy
  • Children are kind, caring and helpful


  • Use respectful language towards each other and adults
  • Children know the rules of discussion
  • Honesty
  • Polite and courteous manners

Quality Teaching and Learning

  • All children should be prepared for lessons and ready to learn
  • Have a “give your best” attitude”
  • Encouraging others and respecting others mistakes, thus learning from these.
  • Listening and sharing appropriately


  • Walking throughout school quietly and sensibly
  • Have an awareness of smaller children
  • Sitting appropriately
  • Holding open doors for each other and adults
  • Lining up at the end of break times and coming into school quietly and promptly.

We strive to achieve these;

  • Through the promotion of respect, care and harmony; our children are taught self-discipline and the personal and social skills necessary to maintain a high standard of discipline within the school community.
  • By ensuring that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum and are not prevented from doing so because of disruptive behaviour by others.
  • By setting high standards of achievement and to have high expectations of all children
  • By providing opportunities for Social, Spiritual, Moral and Cultural growth of the children
  • By fostering a caring environment and an appreciation of the local environment