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Spruce Class

Summer Term 2021

Well the children have come back to school all refreshed and raring to go!  They have all been learning with great enthusiasm and we are definitely well into ‘catch-up’ mode.  Parents are also doing their best to read as often as possible with the children and that will reap great benefits as we move up to the more tricky texts.  We have started our weekly spellings homework and the children are very keen to show what they can do in our first test!

The class is a very happy, positive place and we have had hardly any  fall-outs at all!  This shows the growing maturity of the children and their increasing ability to manage their feelings .  Our aim, as usual, is to work with them on their journey, helping them to increase their own resilience and  begin to be able to put themselves in the shoes of others.  ‘Kindness’ is our buzz word!

Our topic this term is ‘Fabulous Food’ and I hope to give you a little flavour of our exciting learning opportunities!  We will be tasting lots of foods (some that we are unfamiliar with) and hope to design and make a salad.  We will look at where food comes from and all help to prepare a buffet for the class.  We will consider the health benefits of a balanced diet and also look at the  those foods that we perhaps should limit or avoid.

We had a try of raw red cabbage yesterday and many of the children loved it and were asking for more (the raw cauliflower wasn’t quite as successful).

In Art we will be drawing and painting different foods and looking at the work of the artists, Archimboldo and Paul Klee.  In PE I will be covering Athletics and Mrs Knipe will be chilling out with the children in Yoga.

A very exciting time!  Next half term, the topic will be ‘Australian Adventure’.  Watch out for more details coming up!

Mrs L

Our Outdoor Forest Day 

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