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I hope you had a good summer and that your child is now feeling excited to come back to school and hopefully get back to the new normality! I’m sorry that this is a long letter – if you wish to, please just read the bold sections as they are the most vital parts!

I am very excited about KS1, with both year groups being together for the first time, full time (still in the Spruce classroom) and am sure the children will love the opportunities that this brings. We will take every care to ensure that your child is feeling well and happy at all times. This is our absolute priority, so please do send a message if there is anything special you want us to know to ensure that all is well. You can reach me on Dojo (for Year 2 only until it is set up for Year 1’s), email:, or by alerting me that you need to chat when you drop off or pick up. Also, you could phone school and leave a message.

Mr Towe will be giving you all the fine details, but we will be operating as a discrete bubble. Luckily, we have the expertise of our two brilliant teaching assistants, Mrs Bannister and Mrs Hall to ensure all children are accessing all the opportunities they can. In the light of the circumstances, we will be starting off very gently, observing the children to see how ready they are for formal learning, especially the Year 1 children. Year 2 children will undertake some assessment, so that we can see where they are up to.

To ensure that staff spend their time doing the best for the children, may I please ask you to help us out with something? We always have to waste quite a lot of time sorting out children’s possessions that are UN-NAMED! We would be VERY grateful indeed if everything had a name on – doesn’t need to be beautifully sewn – just a permanent marker scribble would be brilliant.

This term, we have 2 main topics:

• Let The Show Begin – A topic exclusively for this year, which will allow all sorts of opportunities for development of language, performance skills and most importantly, confidence, through the use of puppets. We will be looking at all toys from the past, so if you (or grandparents) have anything you can dig out for show and tell, let’s have a look. Also, we will have a ‘Puppet’ day, when children should try their best only to communicate through their puppet! If you have a puppet at home, then please wash it, name it and send it in a plastic bag to be left at school for a while.

• The Spirit of Christmas (second half term) – As we lead up to Christmas, we will be comparing how Christmas is celebrated in this country with other areas of the world, cooking Christmassy things and (maybe, hopefully) using our honed performance skills in a Christmas performance of some kind or another.

English: Our English lessons will often be linked to our topics. We will be building on work done last year, consolidating the use of capital letters and full stops and moving on to writing multiple sentences which include the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’. We will be learning how to use more description in sentences. Your child will receive new spellings weekly which should show the date when they will be tested. Please spend two minutes each day learning these – they will be tested on Fridays and new ones given.

Reading: To help your child’s reading, it is important that they are listened to by an adult to read for at least 5 minutes each day. I do hope you can find this small amount of time, which will give your child the best chance of reaching the reading levels we would normally hope for by the end of Year 2. We will change the books regularly, and all books will be quarantined for at least 3 days upon coming back into school.

Maths: Throughout the year, we will be exploring all areas of Maths, however to start with there will be a focus on place value, addition and subtraction.

Science: “Amazing Me” is the name of the science topic where children will look at the human body and the senses, amongst other things.

Home learning: Reading – for an enjoyable session of at least 5 minutes each day. Spellings – as above. Other homework may be introduced as the year progresses and a list of homework tasks will be sent to you once the children have settled fully.

Below is a link to our Year 1 & 2 Curriculum Map outlining our topics and learning for the full academic year.

PE: Please send your child in PE appropriate clothing on PE days (days to be confirmed) PE kit might be weather dependent, but I would suggest wearing shorts or track suit bottoms, T-shirt and trainers and a long sleeved top be available . Long hair should be tied back and earrings left out for the day. If this is not possible, please provide your child with tape to cover their earrings.

To avoid sharing everyday equipment, your child might like to bring in a pencil case (that will fit in their tray, so height below 8cm please). Pencils, crayons and a ruler are the essential items. Other things can be a distraction, so please leave out pencil sharpeners and rubbers etc.

Sadly, we won’t be able to have our valuable parent volunteers for now, but hopefully this will be re-established before long.

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