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Home School Partnership Agreement

We routinely ask parents and families to discuss and agree to our Home School Partnership Agreement. This document outlines our approach and commitment to learning and safety at Sedbergh Primary School and is an important means by which we can all understand how we will work together in the best interests of your children.

The full document can be found here.

We ask that children;

  • Follow the expectations and rules that are agreed in class at the start of the year.
  • Read to an adult or share a book at home regularly (every day if possible).
  • Complete my home learning tasks on time each week.
  • Practise my times tables.
  • Be kind, honest, fair and polite to others.
  • Care for and respect our school, my property and others’ property.
  • Work hard, try my best and be proud of my achievements.
  • Always ask for help if I am unsure of something or worried.
  • Keep myself safe on the internet; see our agreement for Online Safety.
  • Be in school every day and ready for lessons on time with everything I need.

As a school we will always try to;

  • Provide a happy, safe and welcoming environment for children, parents, staff, governors, and the wider community. We will actively nurture partnerships with everyone.
  • Deliver a relevant and inspiring curriculum, enabling all children to succeed and achieve. We will provide high-quality learning experiences.
  • Promote high expectations of individual achievement in school and positively promote and expect good behaviour. We will celebrate children’s successes.
  • Establish effective communication between school and home. We will keep you informed about school activities through letters, app notifications, the school website and a regular whole school newsletter. You can contact us using our school email accounts or by phone via the school office.
  • Offer support and guidance to parents; we will arrange regular workshops and information evenings that link to your child’s learning.
  • Update you on your child’s progress. We will provide an annual written report, a progress summary midway through the year and regular opportunities to discuss your child’s learning and progress. We have 2 main Parents’ Evenings each year.
  • Help your child continue their learning at home. We will provide home learning tasks every week and check that it has been completed.
  • Listen to and act upon parent and pupil concerns. We will endeavour to ensure there is always a member of staff available to speak to you during the school day.
  • Consider and act upon parents’ views to improve our school for its community. We will regularly survey the opinions of children and parents on the work of the school.

We aks that parents endeavour to support school and their children by trying to;

  • Hear my child read, share a book or oversee their reading every day (where possible) and add comments to their reading record.
  • Ensure that my child is at school on time each day and encourage them to be fully involved in life at Sedbergh Primary School.
  • Support the school’s behaviour expectations. The school behaviour policy is on our website and children should be encouraged to talk about the expectations at home.
  • Talk to the teacher if I have any concerns or problems that may affect my child’s learning or behaviour.
  • Ensure my child is in school every day unless they are too unwell to attend. If this is the case, tell the school by ringing or sending a message and on their return provide a note of explanation.
  • Ensure my child wears school uniform, brings a PE kit for sport in school and has the necessary equipment for lessons.Talk to someone in school if you have a concern about something so that staff can act upon my concerns.
  • Support school policies on digital technology and the internet. I will monitor my child’s use of the internet and social media outside of school. I will also act as a positive role model and will use social media responsibly in respect of all matters relating to the school.
  • In respect of complaints relating to the school, use the formal complaints procedure, and refrain from airing any grievances or concerns on social media sites, as this could be potentially damaging to the school and our pupils.
  • Attend parent meetings to discuss my child’s learning and progress. When this is not possible I will contact school to arrange a meeting at another time.
  • Provide time and opportunity for my child to complete their home learning tasks and practise other skills at home. In particular; learning times tables, telling the time, understanding money. Other ideas for activities at home are published on our website and on the back of reports sent home.
  • Provide my child with healthy food if they have a packed lunch or snack.