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Ash Class

September 2021 Welcome Letter

Dear parent or carer,

Welcome to Ash class! It has been great seeing your children settle seamlessly back into the school routine after the summer holidays. It has been quite a challenging 18 months, but children never cease to amaze me how resilient, adaptable, creative and positive they are; all great characteristics for the future! And even in the short time they have been in Ash, my colleagues and I have seen these characteristics shine through, which is fantastic and a great platform for us to help them progress with their learning.

This year, I am joined by an experienced team of Teaching Assistants. Mrs Swallow will be working Wednesday to Friday, Mrs Hall will be working Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Miss France will be working Monday to Thursday. They will be assisting in the lessons, as well as working with small groups of children for any necessary intervention. Every morning, both English and Maths will be taught. The foundation subjects and Science will be taught through topic work in the afternoons. For this term, on Tuesday afternoon, Calvin Moorhead will teach a session of P.E. and I will teach P.E. on a Thursday afternoon. Also on a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Whetton will teach Music and PSHE to cover me being out of the classroom.

Following guidelines, we would like your child to come to school in their school uniform except on P.E. days, when we would like your child to come in their P.E. kit (Tuesday and Thursday). P.E. kit includes blue shorts, white T-shirt, trainers, spare socks and when the weather gets colder and wetter, tracksuit bottoms, fleece and coat. Please could you ensure all items of clothing are clearly named, with minimal brand names or logos displayed. Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed. If earrings cannot be removed, they must be covered with tape, which needs to be provided please.

Hopefully, your child has continued to read regularly at home. This year your child will continue to bring home a reading book. It would be greatly appreciated if they could read out loud to an adult on a regular basis, with you asking questions about what they have read to check comprehension. The reading out loud enables the child to hear the rhythm of the language and practise expression and intonation. In Ash, we continue to write comments in the reading diary when we listen to children read banded reading books as we find it is a useful link between home and school, but please be aware, it is not as rigorous or frequent as the system in the infants. In addition, however, when group Guided Reading sessions commence, teachers have an opportunity to listen to individuals read, but comments are not noted in their reading diary. Reading is the most important skill in life and once it is mastered the world opens up, so it is our aim, with your support, to encourage the love of getting totally immersed in a book and perfect the art of choosing books for sheer enjoyment! Also, one of our aims this year is to work on writing composition and using more ambitious vocabulary; reading a range of texts helps with composing more interesting writing – “good readers make good writers”.

This term our main topic is all about the Ancient Greek civilisation and we end the term with a short topic called Celebrating Christmas in different European countries. In English, our Power of Reading text is “Firebird”, a beautifully illustrated folk tale from Russia, plus we will be studying some exciting Greek myths and fables. For Science, our two topics will be States of Matter and Sound. An overview of the Ash class curriculum for 2021/2022 can be located on the school website in Ash class, with all the other subjects listed. The only significant addition to the curriculum for the Year 3 children is that French will now be taught.

Thank you for helping your child find an interesting fact about the Ancient Greeks; we have shared them in class already. Shortly, your child will be given a Home Learning book that they can neatly cover or decorate to their liking, plus a list of activities connected with our work for your child to choose from. We recommend at least 4 activities to complete over the whole term (2 per half-term), but they are free to do more! A copy of the Year 3 and Year 4 Statutory Spelling List will also be inside the Home Learning book; these are spellings that we will be working through during the year. Also, half –term spellings and times tables will be given to your child. We would like you to take time to help your child learn these in preparation for the spelling and maths challenges each Friday. In addition, for Year 4 children only, they are now required to complete a national Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in the summer term to determine whether they can recall their times tables fluently, so it is important that we work together to help your child to learn their times tables up to 12 x 12. Maths homework that concentrates on a range of concepts may also be set throughout the year via worksheets and Mathletics to help consolidate their learning.

Your son/daughter may bring their own “fit-in-tray” pencil case with sharp HB pencil/s, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler, glue stick and for Year 4 children a black ink pen (not a biro please), but it is not essential, as all the necessary equipment is available in school.

We are very much looking forward to working with your child this year and continue with their learning. We aim to hit the ground running this term and work together to ensure their education and wellbeing progresses in a positive way.

If there are any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school office or email me using the class email address, or pop in to have a chat. Other whole school events and arrangements will be communicated to you via the school website or app.

On behalf of myself and the Ash team, thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Sally Davies.

Ash class teacher

Summer Term 2022

Ash class enjoyed their Stone Age Day with Tim Deighton. Tim took the class foraging for food.  We gutted fish, ground grain to make flour, build camp fires from twigs using only a flint to light them, then toasted marshmallows.  We also made cave painting pictures on rocks by the river.

Spring Term 2022

We are busy rehearsing our dance for The Brewery Dance Platform at the end of March.

The Lune Rivers Trust invited Ash class to plant trees at Havera Bank in Sedbergh.  It was a beautiful spring day and we managed to plant 100 trees!

To celebrate World Maths Day we did maths using Smarties…. did any go missing?

Autumn Term 2021 

In early September, Nat visited us again and treated us to an amazing wheelchair basketball session. We were very competitive!

As part of our science project, we carried out an investigation to find out how long it takes for different types of chocolate to reach melting point. We ensured that it was a fair test.

During September we had a visit from the Life Bus, we learnt about the importance of healthy living and mental wellbeing.

For our Greek topic, we all got exceedingly sticky with making our papier-maché Greek masks. It was a great way of getting to know each other at the beginning of term.

We have finished reading Firebird- The classic Russian fairy tale. In art, we have been mixing colours and making warm and cold colours. Our Icebird is the cold version of the Firebird.

On Wednesday 6 October Dr Irene Wise, from Lancaster University came to visit Ash Class. Her workshop was all about engineering Fairy tales. Based on our power of reading book “Firebird”, we designed a contraption that would help a golden apple land safely, without dents to the ground. We had a variety of designs, some more successful than others!

On Wednesday 10th November, Ash class walked up to St Andrews to learn about Remembrance Day at the Royal British Legion.  The church was beautifully decorated in poppies.

Our topic this term is Ancient Greeks. On 18th November we had Greek Day.  We dressed as Ancient Greeks, made Greek temples, held our own Olympic Games and the day ended with a fantastic Greek feast!

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