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We have had a report of head lice in school.  Unfortunately head lice is a national problem and only by being really vigilant at all times can we keep free of them. Further advice is available here.
Some points worth noting;
• Lotion for treating can be obtained from the Doctors or Chemists.
• The lotion will not necessarily kill all the eggs, which can hatch later giving the impression that your child has been re-infected.
• If you find head lice, children and adults, including all adults who have had close head contact with children during the last couple of weeks, need to be checked. (In the past we have found that grandparents have unwittingly been the source of re-infection).
• The only real prevention measure is to fine comb every morning and every night all the time. Combing breaks the legs of the lice so they cannot lay eggs and therefore an infestation is prevented.
• Teachers are not allowed to check heads routinely, but if we ever see that a child has lice we always contact the parent immediately.
• Some children are more susceptible than others and can get very distressed if the problem keeps reoccurring.
• All long hair needs to be tied back to inhibit head to head transfer.
• It is anti-social to do nothing and it is not fair to either the child who has lice or to others who may pick them up.
Many thanks in anticipation of your support with this problem.