Year 6 Year book

3rd June 2020

Dear Parents,

The P.T.F.A. is putting together a year book for the Year 6 leavers.  We would like every child to be involved.  Please can you send a digital photograph preferably by email in the current climate, an individual one of when they were younger, around the age of 5, and one of them now to be included in the year book; also any photographs of them on a school trip or at a school event would be great. If you do not have a digital photograph please bring in printed photographs. All photographs will be returned once they have been copied for the year book.  Each child will have their own page which in addition to their photograph will have their recollections of their time at Primary School. These will be collated, copied and professionally bound.

In previous years we have managed to secure sponsors to cover most of the expenses.  Therefore, the cost of the year book will be £5.00.

Please could you complete the slip below and return it to school along with emailing or bringing in your child’s photographs by 26th June.  Linda Allan has kindly offered to put the book together; so for all digital photographs please email them to Linda Allan at:

Yours sincerely,

P.T.F.A. committee

N.B.  Please click here for the page template if you aren’t currently attending school.  If you could please complete it and return it to school to be included in the year book.

Child’s name ___________________________________

I agree to my child’s photograph and information being included in the year book.

There is no charge for the year book this year because of our generous sponsors.

Signed ________________________________