Settlebeck 3D print project – Luneside Village

A 10 week project involved Year 5 pupils from Sedbergh Primary School working closely with design specialists at Settlebeck School. During the project students investigated possible sites for affordable housing in the town and then designed their own solutions for this topical problem. The 9 year olds used specialist computer- aided design software and 3D printers to model their exciting ideas. Lynsey Goodyear, Head of Lower School at Settlebeck School remarked, ‘ We decided to offer Sedbergh Primary the services of our internationally recognised 3D printing specialists in order to enrich their understanding of design. In addition, it demonstrates, the unique opportunities available to them on their doorstep. It is great to see such creative thinking from such young minds’.

The project culminated in a detailed presentation made by the students. As well as the teachers involved in the project, present at the showcase were Jim Atkins, Chair of Sedbergh Parish Council, Paul Beach, Deputy Head of Settlebeck School, and Anna Atkins, Governor of Sedbergh Primary School.

I have been delighted with the project. Our pupils have benefitted significantly, not only from having access to high quality facilities and expertise, but also by regularly visiting a secondary school environment and beginning to understand the opportunities they will encounter once they move on from their primary education. They have really enjoyed themselves and learned loads.

Charlie and Nathan agree ‘it was really fun getting to design a house on sketch up with loads of great accessories…it was fun to watch the 3D printer printing our houses’.

The project, masterminded by design teacher, David Jermy, is a brilliant blueprint for how future collaborative projects between schools could lead to improved outcomes for children and successful transition to secondary school.