School reorganisation

Friday 20th April 2018

Dear parents, carers and families,

Thank you very much for completing and returning our Parental Questionnaire. Your responses help us identify what is going well in school and provide us with clear targets for improvement to add to our school development plan. I am delighted that 100% of respondents believe that Sedbergh Primary School is a ‘good’ school. A summary of the questionnaire responses will feature in our April Newsletter. The April newsletter will be published on our website and school app. Please visit our website to find download instructions for the app if you haven’t already done so.

I always try to keep families up to date with future changes in school. Last year, as part of our school reorganisation process, we integrated our Nursery and Reception children into one Early Years Foundation Stage Unit. This change has been incredibly successful; we now have greater flexibility and more targeted learning for different children in the group. The Nursery children are well prepared for life in ‘big’ school.

In September 2018, we will move to the next phase of our school reorganisation process. From September, we will have 3 Key Stage 2 classes organised in the following way;

Oak Class – All Year 6 children and approximately half of the Year 5 group

Beech Class – The remaining Year 5 children and all the Year 4 children

 Ash – The Year 3 children (currently in Year 2 with Mr Banner)

The Year 5 group will be split by age, with the oldest children being in with the Year 6 children.

This is quite a change for our school, we are used to the children being taught in single classes for each year group. This change is necessary as numbers in school have reduced as a result of changes in the local population (fewer children equals fewer classes).

As we have discovered in EYFS, there are many benefits to working in this way. Children will integrate with different friends in school and we now have more room to work in groups to meet the needs of different children. You already know that we have a talented group of teachers and teaching assistants who work across school helping different children learn. All of the trips, sport and extra-curricular activities that we provide in school will continue as will our close personal attention to your child’s learning needs.

If you have any questions or queries about this, please do contact me in school. In June we will write to you again explaining this change in more detail.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Towe