School Closure

I would like to thank all parents for your patience over the last few days. Closing the school to children is always a difficult decision and it is never taken lightly. You will understand that in doing so the school has to take into account many different factors but principally the safety of all adults and children when travelling to school and when in school. We were able to open on Friday as a result of employing supply teachers and using additional teaching assistant hours. When safe to do so I will always aim to open the school.

I always think it is good to reflect on and evaluate procedures after a closure has been necessary. I would really appreciate hearing your views about our decision making and how we have communicated with you.

Naturally, this will all be easier after Easter when we make our new school app available. The app can be used (like the text service) to provide families with up to date notifications about what is happening. Unfortunately, during the most recent closures we were unable to access the text service. However, in future we will be able to access the app and send messages remotely.

The decision to close the school is always made in discussion with senior staff, colleagues from Settlebeck and our Chair of Governors before 7am in the morning. A soon as the decision is made we will start sharing the information with you (using the mechanisms listed below). Parents are often keen to know the decision the day/night before. I understand this but obviously it is difficult to decide at this point as conditions can change overnight.

We share our decision using a number of mechanisms;
• The Cumbria County Council School Closure website –
• Our own website –
• Local Radio Stations – Lakeland Radio and Radio Cumbria
• In future, we will use our communication app to send you a direct notification of the decision.

If, like on Friday, the school is open but the weather and travel conditions are still difficult, I would always advise staff and parents to make their own decision about whether or not it is safe to attempt the journey to school. I cannot see the weather where you are and I am not in a position to assess your ability to travel safely to school. If you are unable to get to school, please let us know, we will understand.