We have been learning about...

We have been learning about…

Forest Schools Stay and Play

Many thanks to the Nursery and Reception parents who were able to ‘Stay and Play’ this week. We took part in different outdoor activities, including a treasure hunt and scavenger challenge!

Rainbow Challenges


The children in Reception have been working hard to complete their new ‘Rainbow Challenges’ in class. Each week the children get 5 challenges to complete. Every time they complete a challenge they can collect a coloured lollipop stick. If they can complete all the challenges over the week, they will receive a prize!




We enjoyed our visit to St Andrews Church in Sedbergh to learn about how Christians celebrate Easter.

The Last Supper

Writing about things that make us happy on special stones.

Helping to say prayers

Learning about how Jesus washed his friends feet

Making Plasticine flowers for the Garden of Gethsemane

Hearing the story of how Jesus came back to life



We are taking part in lots of Easter related activities in class.


People who help us

We have been learning about people in the community who help us in our day to day lives.

This week we have been learning about the Police force. 

Our Police visit

We had a visit from our local Police Community Support Officer, who explained what the Police do and how they help us. We looked at some photos, tried on the Police uniform and asked lots of questions about ‘baddies’!


Maybe Sedbergh Police Department might be able to track down these criminals?

wanted images

We loved our trip to the Fire station! Miss Messenger got to try on the fire officer outfit – doesn’t she look funny! 

Later on we got to explore the fire engine and squirt a real hose!

We have also had a visit from one of the children’s mummies who lives on a farm with lots of sheep. She brought in one of her 2 day old lambs!


First of all we had a visit from Sophie the Vet. She brought her dog Minnie, who was very well behaved and let us listen to her heartbeat with Sophie’s stethoscope.



World Book Day

World Book Day

Pirate themed fortnight

Our pirate fortnight began with the story of The Troll by Julia Donaldson.


The children enjoyed the story and our pirate activities so much that we continued our theme into the following week, culminating in a special Pirate Party!

Pirate gold treasure hunt

We searched far and wide in the playground for Pirate gold. When we returned to our classroom we met Pirate Pete, who had left us a treasure chest full of special Pirate treasure – chocolate coins!

Pirate small world play

Under the sea water play

Sea themed play dough

‘The Pirate Café’ role play area

Making and tasting fish cakes

Building Pirate dens outside

Our Pirate Party

 The children dressed up as pirates for the day. Later on we had party food and enjoyed a pirate movie!

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about Chinese New Year this week.

We enjoyed our joint morning with Nursery. We celebrated together by playing Chinese music and performing our own Dragon Dance, as well as tasting Chinese food.


We have our own Chinese restaurant in the classroom.

We are ready to take your order!

Making marks and trying Chinese style writing in the sand.

Making dragon puppets

Retelling the Chinese New Year story

Exploring noodles in the water tray


Once upon a time

Our new topic is called ‘Once Upon a Time’ and after consultation with parents and children, we will be focusing on stories by the author Julia Donaldson.

The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child

We have been enjoying a range of activities based on these two popular stories…

The ‘Deep Dark Wood’ role play area

The children have really enjoyed retelling the story of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child using the masks, toys and props.

The Gruffalo wood small world play

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood… Who did he meet on the way?!

The Gruffalo playdough modelling

The children use the play dough and the loose parts to make Gruffalo models.

‘The Owl Game’

The girls roll the dice, count the spots and cover the correct number with counters.

Who can cover all their numbers first?



Christmas Fun!

Our Christmas Party

Making Christmas Cards

Making melted snowman biscuits

Creating paper chains for the classroom

Playing in the Christmas House

Enjoying Christmas Dinner

Christmas colouring

Our Christmas Concert

Stay and Play

Every term we invite parents to come in to Reception and Nursery to join their children and ‘Stay and Play’. We had our first Stay and Play morning this week and we were delighted to welcome several parents.

Armistice day

We learnt about Poppy Day and why we wear poppies at this time of year. We were able to find out more in assembly with Major Pete Holton and Keith Wood from the Royal British Legion. We enjoyed listening to Mr Wood play ‘The Last Post’ and were able to join in with the two minutes silence with the rest of the school. Later on we watched a live Armistice Day service from London. All of the children took part in Poppy Day craft activities, including making their own paper poppies and creating poppy pictures using pastels.




Fireworks Night

We found out about why we celebrate Fireworks Night on the 5th November and took part in different creative activities to explore the colour and pattern of fireworks, including using ICT and paint rolling.

Please come and admire our fireworks pictures, they are just outside our classroom!



We really enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita in Mrs Whetton’s assembly and many of us remembered why Hindu people celebrate this Festival of Lights. 

Here are some of the activities we enjoyed as part of our Diwali celebration. 

Exploring Hindu artefacts, including Rama and Sita puppets:


Creating Rangoli patterns using coloured rice:

Play dough and dried beans:


 Colouring pens:


We read the story of Room on the Broom to get us into the Halloween mood!

Making potions:

Dressing up:

Making pumpkins using play dough:

Exploring slimy spaghetti worms:


Our visit from the Library Van

We enjoyed our visit from the Library Van. We were able to look at lots of books, choose some for our classroom and also listen to a great story.


We have been enjoying our Autumn topic, taking part in a range of activities on this theme.

We have been playing in role as animals in our Autumn corner:

We have made animals out of play dough using different resources:

 We have used logs and sticks to make houses for creepy crawlies:

We have used leaves for printing:

We have created Autumn artwork:


We have practised our fine motor skills by threading autumnal coloured beads onto ‘tree branches’.



We started our topic by going for a walk around the school playground and field to find signs of Autumn.


Our bodies

The children thought about their bodies and what the different body parts do. 

These are our bones pictures.


Our senses

We all enjoyed exploring our different senses:


Squishing and squashing jelly with our hands.


Sniffing and smelling cocoa powder with our noses.

Looking carefully with our eyes and magnifying glasses in the sand pit.