Parent, Governor & Staff School Development Meeting

Parent, Governor and Staff Development Evening
Wednesday 9th November 2016

This is a brief summary of the discussions that took place at our development workshop evening. To be clear, at this stage no decisions have been made about the future of our school; the meeting was an opportunity for people to share their aspirations and ideas about ‘what next?’ for Sedbergh Primary School. In the future, any decisions will be made in light of proper and comprehensive consultation with all stakeholders, including the pupils.

Richard Wilson, the Assistant Head of Burton Morewood Primary School (Academy), delivered a presentation outlining his school’s experience of conversion to academy status in 2011. He gave a very pragmatic view of this process, outlined the way in which the academy runs and spoke at some length about the impact and some of the changes that had happened as a result of the conversion.

The 3 main areas of change that his school had identified as significant positives were;

  • Curriculum freedoms and subsequent development and improvements to pupil experiences
  • Financial incentives; access to centrally held finances to support capital and infrastructure development in the school and freedoms to broker support as required (employment of a counsellor for example)
  • Increased collaborative working with partner/local schools

Attendees asked a number of questions relating to funding, support for academies and the Burton Morewood School’s relationship with the Diocese and the Local Authority.

Following on from Richard’s presentation, attendees were given the opportunity to discuss and debate a provisional 5 year plan for the school developed by the Head teacher and the SLT and based on many of the discussions and recommendations that have been forthcoming in the first 8 weeks of the term (including points made by Ofsted). This plan will not be made public until it is finalised, however, any stakeholders wishing to see it may request to do so.

The following points were raised at the meeting and will be included in everyone’s thinking as the school moves forward;

Outcomes for children

  • ‘Mindfulness in Schools’ project
  • Language classes for children; ‘Language Pirates’


  • Consider the development of increased ‘wrap around care’ in partnership with local providers and the community

School buildings

  • Develop an art/technology/drama space with timetabled sessions
  • Create quiet support areas for 1 to 1 and small group work
  • Improve the kitchen and dining facilities
  • Consider parking arrangements/options for ‘busy’ times/school events
  • Create a united Early Years Foundation Stage unit to improve outcomes for children and offer greater provision and flexibility for parents
  • Bike Park


  • Develop further opportunities for skills development in the outdoors (kayaking, climbing, scrambling etc.)
  • More outdoor learning to support the curriculum, ‘Forest Schools’
  • Improve staff training to provide ‘inspiration’ for curriculum teaching


  • Develop the deployment of teachers and teaching assistants with specific skills across the school based on pupil need

Clearly, this is a brief summary of the event but I hope it captures the thoughts and ideas shared. I would certainly appreciate and welcome any further ideas and aspirations as the year progresses. The meeting felt very positive and I’d like to thank all of those people who were able to attend. Future workshops and consultation events will be scheduled as necessary and we hope in future to secure a similar level of commitment from you all in mapping out the future of Sedbergh Primary School.