About us.

Located within the school building, we have our own self contained indoor and outdoor spaces accessed by a separate entrance. Our well resourced, light and airy indoor space creates welcoming and inviting opportunities for the children to play, explore, investigate and learn. Our outdoor space extending the children’s experiences and providing a place where the children can safely play alongside and observe siblings and the older children during schools morning break time. Being housed within the school building the children quickly experience school life beyond the playground too. We often join the children in Reception to share learning experiences, celebrations and fund raising activities and come together to join key stage and whole school assemblies, celebrations and events. With this early integration into school life the children move on and settle very quickly in Reception, which is reflected in the overall progress the children make during the foundation stage.

We deliver carefully planned learning experiences for the children in our care, following the children’s interests and intergrating these into activities tailored to meet the needs of each child as an individual. The curriculum overview link provides a sample of the some of the learning experiences that the children may participate in. The activities are broken down into the areas of learning identified in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which provides the framework for the children’s learning and our assessment of their progress towards meeting the early learning goals at the end of their Reception year.

We often take the children’s learning beyond Nursery, utilising the wider school grounds and Settlebeck’s wildlife garden as well as the local community.

We currently run morning sessions and are planning to extend our provision in 2017 to include lunchtime and afternoon sessions allowing families to access up to 30 hours of Nursery care in our school setting.

Our Curriculum map for 2016/2017

In nursery we learn to:

IMG_6655[1]  IMG_5169[1]

Be part of a group, listen to each other and take turns. Make relationships, help and support each other.

IMG_4750[1]  IMG_4715[1]  IMG_4870[1]

Grip our mark making tools effectively, explore the marks we can make and practice letter formations. 

IMG_4699[1]  IMG_5161[1]  IMG_4840[1]

Use a variety of tools that help to strengthen our hands for writing.

IMG_4738[1]  IMG_5063[1]  IMG_4669[1]

Develop our language through sensory experiences.

IMG_5088[1]  IMG_5262[1]  IMG_5573[1]  IMG_3925[1] IMG_4490[1]

Strengthen our understanding of the world and develop our language through role play and small world play.

IMG_6536[1]  IMG_6571[1]

Listen to and talk about stories, predicting what might happen next in a story.

IMG_4968[1]  IMG_4618[1] 

Explore rhyme, initial sounds and alliteration. Also making links between letters and sounds to support our early reading skills.

IMG_4807[1] IMG_6431[1]

Use technology, navigate educational games and operate computer hardware.

  IMG_4798[1]  IMG_7097[1]

Tune into sounds, explore sounds and learn how we can make them change.

 IMG_4988[1] IMG_6471[1] IMG_6974[1]

Investigate shape and construct, build and balance.

 IMG_5180[1]  IMG_6097[1] IMG_4919[1]  IMG_6406[1]  IMG_6485[1]  IMG_6687[1]

Investigate number, sort and group objects and explore measurement supporting our early maths development.

 IMG_6421[1]  IMG_4863[1] 

 Move our bodies in a range of ways, use equipment safely and avoid obstacles. 

IMG_5333[1]  IMG_7010[1]  IMG_6826[1]

Use, explore and combine different media, techniques and processes.

IMG_6269[1]  IMG_6267[1]  IMG_6808[1]

Share celebrations together.

This area of our page is under construction- we learn lots more in Nursery too. 

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