Music lessons for September


Dear Parents,

All pupils in Years 2, 3, 4, and 5


At this time of year we need to anticipate demand for music lessons so that we can book peripatetic music teachers in September. Any child from Year 3 (in September) upwards is eligible, providing the music teachers say the child is big enough to manage the instrument.  The cost for a term with a guaranteed minimum of 10 lessons will be £58.00.  The only exception being Cello lessons which are run and subsidised by Pepperpot so children get the first term’s lessons free.  Children are taught in small groups of about 4 or less.  It is the policy of the Governing Body that no child will be barred from lessons because of the cost.  Please see Mr Towe if you wish to discuss funding.

We are usually able to offer flute, clarinet, cello and violin lessons depending on the demand. Instruments can usually be hired from the County Music Service from approximately £65 per year although, if available we have our own violins and clarinets that children can borrow on a fully refundable deposit.  Commitment needs to be made for a full term with half a term’s notice if your child wishes to stop.  We have to sign a written agreement with the music service and pay in advance making this termly commitment from children essential.

These lessons are good value for money and there is usually a high demand. If you would like your child to start an instrument or continue with their lessons, please complete the slip below and return it to school by Monday 18th June.  Thank you.  We will arrange for your child to have a trial session before you need to make a final commitment, if you request this. Children already receiving lessons must also return the slip if you wish them to continue.


Yours sincerely,


M Towe