We believe that it is important for all children to experience a rich and varied maths curriculum.  At Sedbergh Primary School we recognise the importance of establishing a secure foundation in mental calculation and recall of number facts before standard written methods are introduced.  Children are taught a range of skills within the subject and are encouraged to experiment with their own different ways of working and recording before being taught formal methods. The emphasis is on understanding place value and number but attention is also given to measuring, understanding shapes and their properties and statistics. Being able to understand the language of maths and solve problems is an important part of our maths teaching.

We follow thMaths Week 014e Collins ‘Busy Ant’ scheme of work from Year 1 through to Year 6, but strive to  make cross-curricular links with other subjects whenever possible.

We believe in challenging our more able mathematicians.  Children in Year 5 have the opportunity to attend the weekly Year 7 and 8 maths club at Settlebeck High School and the more able in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to enter the annual Primary Maths Challenge.  We also run a maths club from February half term for the most able Year 2 mathematicians.

In order to help children who need extra support, we have staff trained in delivering a programme called “Maths Intervention”.

We provide opportunities for whole class teaching, group work, paired work and individual work and endeavour at all times to set work that is challenging, motivating and encourages the children to talk about what they have been doing.

Mastery in Mathematics

DSCN1881This year our school will introduce a mastery approach to teaching maths. The aim of this is to deepen children’s learning through challenge and context rather than simply making maths harder and harder. Children will be given time to  develop their thinking by solving problems and exploring mathematical ideas. Here Kristian has built a value model, each section has a cost and Kristian had a budget to work to – not only has he considered the monetary value of each section, but design, shape and symmetry too. Well done, Kristian!

As a staff we have carefully considered what ‘mastery’ approaches to the teaching of maths will look like in our school. Click on the link to see what we came up with!

ncetm_logoIf parents would like further information about ‘mastery’ in maths, a wide range of information is available on the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) website.