Information for the new school year

Welcome back to a new school year at Sedbergh Primary School. I hope all of our families found some time to relax and recharge their batteries over the summer. I always look forward to talking with the children about their adventures over the break and to see how they’ve all grown that little bit, in height and confidence, ready for their new class. We are already 3 days in to the new term and I’m pleased to see how quickly the children have settled into the year.

After another good set of results for our Year 6 Leavers (see the school website for more detail), the school has a clear plan of where to go next in our development. We will be working as a team to promote maths in school this year, particularly the idea that all of us are mathematicians – too often I hear the phrase, ‘I’m no good at maths’. We want to promote the idea that, just like reading and writing, we can all learn the maths we need to be successful as we grow up. The school needs your help with this. We also want to work on the idea of ‘mastery’ in maths, ensuring the children get to deepen their thinking when working in a mathematical way – solving problems, looking for patterns and completing puzzles. More information on all of this will follow.

Over the summer, school has updated our approach to homework, or ‘home learning’, and over the year the teachers will be looking at how we teach spelling in school to see if we can make improvements here. As always, I really appreciate parental feedback on how we can do things better. Catch me for a chat or make appointment with Mrs Scarr to speak with me.

Next week, we are holding ‘Meet the new teacher’ sessions in each class in main school. At these meetings, your child’s teacher will explain more about how things will work in their class this year, including information about; home learning, trips, projects, routines, PE etc. The times are as follows (if you can’t attend the session, don’t worry, class teachers will happily update you at another time that suits).

Wednesday 13th September: 3.30pm – Year 1, 4.00pm – Year 3, 4.30pm – Year 5

Thursday 14th September: 3.30pm – Year 2, 4.00pm – Year 4, 4.30pm – Year 6

Included with this letter are 2 permission requests (local trips and photography). There is also a data sheet that needs updating and returning to school in the event of any changes and a medical form. I apologise for bombarding you with so many forms but you will understand that all information and permissions we hold in school for your child need to be as up to date as possible. This is to ensure their safety and the accuracy of our data systems to comply with data protection regulations.

I look forward to working with you all over this Academic Year and seeing you in school.