Dog Fouling

On the last Friday of the half-term we had a special guest in school; Finn, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Pyrenean-Mountain-DogFinn came to teach us all about being a responsible pet owner. In particular, we learned about how important it is to pick up after your dog has had a poo! At the moment this is a particular problem on Mary Fell and the local enforcement team at the council have asked us to help in the following ways…

  1. Children have been invited to enter a poster competition encouraging and advising others on the correct way to ‘scoop the poop’. 3 winners will be announced and their entries printed as posters to display around the local area.
  2. Responsible dog ownership leaflets have been sent home with children to advise on the best way to look after pets. In addition, we have hundreds of ‘poo bags’ to give away to families if they have pets of their own.
  3. Dog fouling record booklets are available in school for parents to take away, complete and return to the council if dog fouling is a particular problem on your street or route to school. The enforcement team will act on the evidence you provide.

Hopefully, if we all work together, we can make a difference to the environment around our school and around Sedbergh.