Year 5

Year 5

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The new term is now in full swing and I am now able to give you more information about the Year 5 timetable.

The main P.E. times for this term will be:

Wednesdays – swimming will take place on Wednesday mornings: towel, trunks / costume and a bag to take them in are all required. Pupils with long hair will also need something to keep their hair in place. A waterproof coat is also needed for the walk to / from the swimming baths.

Thursdays – dance sessions in the hall led by dance instructor, Miss Emily Davies.

Fridays – a mix of activities led by Sports Leadership pupils from Settlebeck. Children are required to bring in suitable clothing for these sessions (black/ blue shorts, tracksuit bottoms, white T-shirt and spare trainers). Sometimes the P.E. sessions will be held on the field or in the yard and so appropriate footwear is essential. The field has a habit of getting very muddy, so spare trainers are necessary. School shoes are not acceptable. Also, there may be times when it is quite chilly, so a warm top, gloves or woolly hat may be useful. Plimsolls or bare feet can be used for indoor P.E. Earrings need to be removed.


The main class topic for this term is:

Abracadabra’ (a science based topic focusing on materials and their properties).


Other areas of the curriculum for this term include:

French – numbers up to 60, telling the time, school subjects, different means of transport

Art – The works and artistic style of Henri Matisse, textiles / collage

Music – 80s rock compositions


Mr. Towe will teach computing on Wednesday afternoons.


Home Learning project options have been handed out already and two of them should be completed per each half term. Other work will be handed out on Friday afternoons and should be completed and handed in on the following Friday morning. Spelling and number tests will take place on a weekly basis: also on a Friday morning. A lot of the number tests will be focusing on the times tables and so regular practice on these will help immensely. Daily practice with reading is crucial; every child should be reading for at least 20 minutes per day whilst at home (please don’t forget to sign the reading record.) Reading books need to be brought in to school every day.


In Year 5 we are always on the lookout for unwanted games, activities or comics that could be used inside the classroom during ‘wet playtimes’. We would really appreciate any contribution.

If you have any questions about the term or any concerns about your child, please don’t hesitate to come in and have a talk.

Follow this link to see our ‘Curriculum Map’ – an overview of our different areas of learning and topics studied during Year 5.

Yours sincerely, S.R. Cayley