Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! We have an exciting term ahead of us and have got off to a great start. I will continue to teach the class from Monday to Thursday and Mrs. Sara Kenyon will teach on a Friday. Mrs. Kenyon will carry on with the week’s maths theme and teach reading comprehension and spelling in English. She will also take over the teaching of science, which is her particular area of expertise. Once again, Mrs. Steel and Mrs. Swallow will be supporting the children in class, in small groups and individually.

Year 4’s topic this term is ‘Under Attack’. The children will be learning about Invaders and Settlers, focusing on the Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Nearer Christmas we will be learning about Christmas traditions in Russia.

In English, the genres we will focus on are explanations, stories with historical settings, report writing, poetry, and traditional stories, all with a strong cross-curricular slant. As a school, we are adopting a ‘mastery’ approach to teaching maths, where we go into greater depth and hopefully develop the children’s mathematical fluency and give them opportunities to reason mathematically in every lesson. We will cover the following areas this term: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and measurement of area.

Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology will be taught as part of our topic work, together with elements of maths and English. In computing, we will be learning about e-safety and how to use Microsoft Publisher as well as using the internet for research. The children will be thinking about what we can learn from religious leaders and what different people believe about God, in their RE lessons with Mr Towe on a Monday afternoon. In addition, Mr Towe will be teaching music, following our interactive, scheme of work – Charanga.

This term, the children will also have a PE lesson with Calvin Moorhead on a Monday. I will take them swimming at Sedbergh School on a Wednesday morning, where they will also be supported by Mrs Swallow. The children should have their PE kit in school at all times. This should be a white t shirt, navy or black shorts, trainers and a dark coloured tracksuit for cold weather. It is also important that the children do not wear jewellery during PE, so I would advise that they do not wear any to prevent the possibility of it getting lost or going missing. They will need a swimming costume and towel in school on Wednesdays and to wear a swimming hat if possible. It would be a good idea too, to send a piece of fruit with your child as a snack for afterwards.

It would be a great help if the children’s school uniforms could be labelled with their names (biro on the label is fine). Our lost property box is already starting to fill up!

As a school, we have looked closely at the homework expectations for each year group. As in Year 3, the children choose their own reading books, which they should take home every night. It is still very beneficial for them to be heard at home. We are encouraging them to use their reading diaries, so please do fill these in if you listen to them. Spellings will be sent home, by Mrs Kenyon, on a Friday for a spelling test the following Friday. The spelling sheets the children bring home do not need to come back to school, they are to use for practise. I will set times table homework on a Thursday, which should be handed in by the following Wednesday. You will receive a list of “Creative Challenges” which will be linked to our topic. We would ask that the children complete two from each list, each half term. They will also receive maths homework about twice every half term.

Year Group Overview 2017-2018 Y4

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