Year 4

Year 4

Year 4 Windermere Day

By Solomon James

On Friday 16th June, our class (Year 4) went canoeing to Windermere.  It was a brilliant day and here was why.  First the class had to go on a huge coach to Windermere and as soon as we arrived, we met our teachers Mr Reedy and Mr Rowe.  I and ten other classmates got on Mr Reedy’s bus and the other eleven went on Mr Rowe’s bus to the lake.  Once at the lake, we all got changed into wetsuits with buoyancy aids and began the adventure.

First of all, we got put into two teams of eleven and got on the canoe raft. My team was ‘Team Eleven’, Mr Reedy’s team.  But there was one problem.  WE left Luke behind!  So, he had to get on the other team’s canoe raft.  It was a race to see who could get to the Amazon River and back.  We sailed out into Windermere Lake, rowing and rowing, but about halfway into the lake but about half way into the lake Mr Rowe and our two teachers, Mrs Wood and Mrs Kenyon got on a speed boat and dragged us along the lake!  They had to stop when we approached the Amazon River.

Of course, this wasn’t actually the Amazon, but the teachers called it that because if you’re quiet you may see animals. WE went on, hitting the side and finally hit a rock.  Luckily Edward and Theo pulled the boat out of trouble.  WE all eventually got out and swam.  Then once we were out of the river, the race was on!

We paddled and paddled and Mrs Wood helped us! Team Eleven (us) nearly won but Pizza Monkeys (the other team) beat us slightly.  But at least we had lunch after,

After lunch, we made rafts and tried to read Mr Reedy on his speed boat. Ours fell apart and Kieran and I were dangling off.  Pizza Monkeys won again, but still it was a very good day.

So, after it all, we got back on Mr Reedy’s bus and got back to the huge coach. After the ride back to school, I thought that was one of my favourite days of Year 4.


Year 4 Outdoor Day at Windermere

By Lewis Sedgwick

Going to Windermere was really exciting because I’ve never gone canoeing before. Our team, the Pizza Monkeys, won at both competitions.  Here is my summary of what happened.

First of all, we went to the hut where they keep all of the equipment. Our instructors, Mr. Rowe and Mr. Reedy were really nice.  R Rowe was our team helper.  Once we had put all our buoyancy aids on, we waddled out to the beach.  I felt like a penguin.  First or all, we had to go with Mr. Rowe to do some exercises.  Then we had to go and attach two canoes together with rope, wood and cables.  The canoes were really heavy! Once we were out into the lake, we rowed along to the Amazon River.  It was beautiful. After we came out of the river we rowed out to the middle of the lake, the wind whistling through our hair.  It was a race! In the end Pizza Monkeys won though.

After lunch, we went to the beach again to make rafts in our teams. Ours didn’t work.  It sank down a lot when we all got on, but Evie touched the paddle and therefore we won.  It was fantastic.  Once we had finished, we got to jump off the jetty.

On the way back, I saw three deer and a stag. Windermere was something to remember for the rest of my life.

Year 4

Our topic this term is “Window on the World” and will focus on the physical and human geography of Brazil as well as touching on settlement and Fair Trade.  Our work in Art and D&T will be closely linked with our topic work.

In English, we are starting off by reading another Power of Reading text, Varjak Paw, followed by a unit on Information Texts which will enable the class to make links with both their topic work and their learning in their Computing lessons, as they will be making powerpoints.  After half- term, we will look at persuasive writing as well as reading and writing some poems to perform.

In maths, the children will cover aspects of number, statistics and measur.  Mrs Kenyon will teach the children about Animals Including Humans and Sound in Science and in their RE lessons, with Mr Towe, the children will cover what different places of worship teach us about religions and why Easter is important to Christians.  In music they will be following the Charanga scheme of work.

We will be thinking about British Values this term, and the children will gain a greater understanding of democracy and the rule of law in our PSHCE sessions

Swimming at Sedbergh School will continue every Wednesday this term, starting on 11th January.  Please can you make sure that your child has his or her swimming kit in school each week.  Calvin Moorhouse will continue to teach PE on a Monday afternoon and will focus on gymnastics this term.

Homework and spellings will continue to be sent home on a Thursday.  Homework should be handed in by the following Wednesday and a spelling test will take place each Thursday.

We are continuing to invite parents and other family members into school at 3.10pm every Friday afternoon, to read with their children and we would love to see you in class.

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To finish off our ‘Under Attack’ topic, Year 4 had a Viking day.

We dressed up in Viking costume and gave ourselves Viking names for the day.  In the morning, We wrote Kennings (a type of poem) about Viking weapons in English and solved Viking maths problems. After lunch, we baked spiced oat cakes, using a Viking recipe.  We also made rune stones out of clay, composed a Viking battle chant and finished off the day with a Viking test of strength.  The winner was James, who was so strong that he even beat Mrs Wood!

Our Year 4 Curriculum Map 2016-2017