Year 3

Year 3

Stone Age Day in Year 3.

We had a great time leaving the classroom behind and learning to survive like Stone Age people. Tim Dieghton came to our school and talked about how hard life was in Stone Age times.  We practised hunting wild animals on Settlebeck field.  In Akay Wood we foraged for plants.  Tim explained that some plants are extremely poisonous, so we had to listen very carefully to him.  We sampled some garlic leaves and nettle leaves!  On the beach, we used charcoal to draw some cave paintings.  In the afternoon, after a present-day lunch, we made fire, and cooked whitebait on it.  Also, we cut up some fish using a piece of flint, as well as grinding corn to make flour.  We baked bread on a hot fire.  After our Stone Age day, we all appreciated how easy our life is today- just a trip to the supermarket to get supper rather than roam from place to place in search of food!

Trip to St Andrew’s Church for a Christening

For R.E., Year 3 have been looking at Rites of Passage in the Christian faith. We ventured to the local church and carried out a christening.



Brewery Dance Platform 2018

Once again the Year 3 represented our school brilliantly at the Brewery Dance Platform performance. Our theme this year was “The Victorians”. The piece started with the industrial revolution where manufacturing moved away from using hand tools and basic machines to powered, special purpose machinery, factories and mass production. The dance then led into the poor existence of a Victorian workhouse, the musical “Oliver” helped us with this part of the dance.  The final part  celebrated the wonderful inventions the Victorians made that still have a significant impact on our everyday lives.


Home learning for SUMMER 1

letter to parents for summer term 2018

Year 3 Curriculum Map