Year 2

Year 2

Welcome back to another busy term in Year 2. I hope you all had a pleasant break – the children certainly spoke with enthusiasm about their adventures during the holidays. We would like to welcome Miss Lee into the class this term. Miss Lee is in her final placement of her teacher training at the University of Cumbria and will be with us until the 22nd of June. During this time, she will gradually teach more of the timetable. If you would like to speak to anyone about your child’s learning and the curriculum, you are welcome to speak to Miss or myself.

We’ve already had a great start to the new term, with a very exciting trip to explore our local area. Tim Deighton led us up part of Winder so we could have a unique, birds eye view of our home town. This was a great chance for the children to understand the valleys and rivers that surround and lead into Sedbergh. During the visit the children learnt alot about the physical geography of the local area, which will help them with further learning within the topic. As well as the geography, we will also be exploring the history of the local area. If you know anyone who is familiar with the local area, especially what it was like in the past, and wouldn’t mind giving up their time to come in, then we would love to hear from them. Similarly, if you have any artefacts linked to the local area, please do share them with us.

HOME LEARNING – Click this link to find Year 2’s Home Learning List – a menu of activities to complete at home that link to our learning in school.


Our English lessons will often be linked to our topics, however there will be continuous learning of grammar. Initially we will have a strong focus on writing sentences which include capital letters and punctuation as well as including description in sentences by using adjectives. Your child will continue to receive new spellings most Fridays (starting in the next few weeks) which will be tested the following Friday.


To help your child’s reading, it is important that they are encouraged to read at least 5 times a week at home. Please can you continue to record this in their reading diaries so that we can have an on-going record of your child’s progress. Your child will be able to change their school reading book on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, however if it needs changing at a different time we will do our best to get it changed.  Even if it doesn’t need changing, please could you ensure your child brings their book to school every day so that they are prepared to read to an adult.


Throughout the year, we will be exploring all areas of Maths. We have done lots of work on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and especially thinking about how to apply these to solve problems. We are currently looking at fractions and thinking about how we can find fractions of shapes and numbers.

Maths Targets

You may remember, at the beginning of the year we sent home a Maths overview with the key facts that you can help your child with learning at home. We have now set up a target system in class, so the children will be set these key facts as targets for them to be fluent with. I am sure they have told you, their current targets are to learn the 2, 5 10 and 3 times tables. Please work on these with your children at home, as we will be having challenges to see how they are getting on.

Home learning:

We have made some changes to our expectations for home learning. At the beginning of every half term, your child will be given their home learning book with a choice of activities to complete. I would like them to complete and 2 activities of their choice at any time before the end of half term. I will then give them a new list to choose from next half term. As well as this, your child will receive about 2 structured maths activities each half term.


Thank you to everyone who sent your child with their PE kit at the beginning of term. PE will be on Tuesdays and usually Thursdays, which will include some lessons outside. This term, the class will have Calvin for PE on Tuesdays, focusing on athletics, and Emily will be coming in to do dance with them on Thursdays. Please can you continue to ensure your child has their PE kit in school throughout the week, as there may be a need for it on a day that doesn’t normally include PE. PE kit includes: Shorts and a T-shirt for inside. Trainers, jogging bottoms and a jumper are needed for outside.


If you have some spare time and would like to help out in the classroom or in other areas of the school, please come and see me as we always value help from parents.


As always, if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to pop in and see me or call the school office. I look forward to meeting you all more throughout the year.

Mr Neal Banner

Click on this link to see our Curriculum Map for the whole of Year 2.


Our very own Great fire of London

During our topic about the Great Fire of London we all made a cardboard model of a Tudor house. Afterwards, some people helped Mr Banner stick them onto a mini cardboard street. We had to stick them close together because in 1666 the streets were really narrow. Then we all went outside onto the playground to watch Mr Banner set the street on fire. When we saw them burning it was amazing because we could see what it was like to live in that time.

Sophie S, Harry M and Ellen M – Y2


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Appleby Castle visit DSCN3017

Year 2 had a fantastic day visiting Appleby Castle on the 12th June. We travelled by train from Garsdale station to Appleby. Some of us had never been on a train before so it was very exciting! When we got to Appleby, we met the Mayor, who told us all about Moot Hall and what we could see in there. We had lots of questions! Our favourite activity at the castle was meeting the birds of prey. We saw some of them fly and had an eagle owl glide over us which nearly touched our heads.

We also explored the grounds and the Great Hall of the castle before trying on lots of armour. We ended the day by practising some military drills, then we walked back through the town and up the steep hill to the station where we caught the train back to Garsdale. We really enjoyed our day out because there were lots of fun things to do.