Christmas News

2nd December 2019

Sedbergh Primary School – Dates for Christmas festivities

 Dukes Theatre

Thursday 5th December ‘Cinderella’ (Years 2 – 6)

We will leave school after a normal lunch and return at approximately 5.00pm. Please make arrangements to collect your child from the Top Yard at School promptly.  Children do not to bring anything with them other than their coat.

 Christmas concert

This year junior children will be putting on a Christmas performance.

Wednesday 11th December   10.00am          Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Wednesday 11th December   1.15pm            Y1 to Y6 performance

6.15pm            Y1 & Y2 performance followed by Y3 to Y6


Y1 & Y2 children need to arrive back at school at 5.50pm, prior to the concert, please don’t arrive any sooner as doors will be locked. Year 3 to 6 children will need to return by 6.30pm.  If you have children in both evening performances your older child can wait in their classroom from 5.50pm.

Tickets will be on sale tomorrow at £2.00 each, for the Year 1 to Year 6 performances. Please complete the attached ticket order form and return it to school along with your payment.  May we encourage you, if you are able to, to come to the afternoon performance as the evening performance will be tight for room, and also you only need pay £2.00 to see the whole Year 1 to Year 6 production.

Tickets do not need to be purchased in advance for the Foundation Stage concert in the morning you can simply pay on the door. The price will be £2.00 per person.

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 13th December

Christmas Jumper day – come to school in your Christmas jumper and if you wish donate £1.00 to Save the Children. We do not want to cause any extra expense at this time of year. So please do not go out to buy a Christmas jumper especially for the day, any bright jumper will do.


Wednesday 18th December               Nursery and Reception           10.00am to 12.00pm

Wednesday 18th December               Year 1 and Year 2                    from 1.00pm

Thursday 19th December                  Junior parties                          from 1.00pm

Children will go home at the usual time.

N.B. Reception class need no dinner on 18th December, but all other classes will have dinner as usual.

 All Parties

We ask all children to bring something for a finger buffet to share with others, but only a small amount.  This could be a plate of small sandwiches or cakes, buffet sausages, cheese cubes, grapes etc.  There will be a list on classroom doors for you to choose so we don’t get lots of the same.

If you have any queries about the parties, or your child has any food allergies, please see your child’s class teacher.

Carol Service

Friday 20th December at 9.30am Carol Service in St. Andrews Church. Seating is limited as both Settlebeck School and Sedbergh Primary take part, however all are welcome.

Break up at 2.00pm.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Towe