Boxes of Hope


Dear Parents,

Following the success of the past Christmas shoebox appeals, we have decided this year to support a local charity who take your shoeboxes personally to extremely impoverished children in Romania. It is run by volunteers who ensure that the charity has very low overheads and no staff costs. We are delighted that the children in our school want to share in this valuable relief work. As in previous years, please decide whether to fill a box for a boy or a girl with a mixture of practical and fun items.

Your gifts should be placed in a shoebox and wrapped in Christmas paper if possible [please wrap the lid separately]. If you find it impossible to obtain a shoe box [all shoe stores are happy to give out boxes when asked] then a similar sized box with loose lid is acceptable.

Once filled, the box should be left open, the top secured with an elastic band.

All gifts should be new or in very good condition.

Your child will receive an envelope from school, which contains a label to stick on the outside of the box indicating whether for a boy or girl

An envelope should be placed inside the box, containing £2/or cheque to cover transport costs.

Your gifts may include:

  • washing equipment [soap, flannel, sponge, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant]
  • make up/jewellery/sweets/a Christmas card is always nice
  • personal hygiene [combs/brush/headbands]
  • small toys/travel games/cards/balloons/joke items/Christmas items]
  • stationery -paper/notebooks/pens/pencils/crayons/felt tips/rubbers/sharpeners/pictures or patterns to colour/
  • small items of warm clothing [gloves/mittens/scarves/balaclavas/caps/hats/socks


As in previous years, we are very grateful for your support of this appeal. We have usually managed to send out up to 100 boxes, and the footage of children receiving these gifts, who open them with sheer delight and amazement that other children are thinking of them, makes this a very worthwhile project.

Aid workers have asked that no toy should have any association with war or violence, so action men, toy guns, water pistols etc are not acceptable.