Beech Class (Years 4 & 5)

Beech Class (Years 4 & 5)

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Beech Class Curriculum Map – 2019 – 2020

Beech Class.

Beech Class is a mixture of Year 5 and Year 4 pupils. They will mostly be taught as a whole class but during some lessons, they will be separated into their Year groups. The pupils from Year 5 will follow the Year 5 maths and science curriculums whilst the year 4 pupils will follow the Year 4 maths and science curriculums. Science lessons will be taught on a Thursday afternoon with the Year 4 pupils being taught by Mr Towe and the Year 5s being taught by Mr Cayley. Maths will usually begin with a differentiated warm-up for all the children before they move on to their respective groups focusing on the age relevant curriculum.

English will be taught as a whole class with children accessing both the Year 4 and Year 5 skills.

P.E. session 1 – swimming will take place on Wednesday mornings so every child should bring a towel, a costume, a brush for their hair, a bag to carry their kit in and a small snack to eat for the return journey.

P.E. session 2 – P.E. kits should always be in school because our 2nd session could fall either on a Monday, a Wednesday or a Friday depending on our link with the Settlebeck Sports Leadership Team and on the weather. Your child should have the necessary kit to equip them for an outdoor session (tracksuit, t-shirt, warm top and trainers that will not be worn in the classroom).

If you would like to know more about the work we are doing, please have a look at the ‘curriculum map’.

Steve Cayley