Ash Class (Year 3)

Ash Class (Year 3)

Ash Class Curriculum Map – 2018/2019

Windermere Day

A great day on Lake Windermere – what a beautiful place and despite the weather we had a wonderful time!


Stone Age Day

Ash class had a great day out of the classroom learning about how to survive in the Stone Age. We foraged, hunted, made fires, created cave paintings and cooked bread on an open fire.


Ash class had a wonderful Greek day. Lots of Greek food was made during the morning in preparation for a Greek feast in the afternoon.

We also did some Greek Maths and writing.

For our Science we have studied different forces. Making parachutes were great fun, and making a parachute to transport an egg safely down to the ground was very challenging indeed.

We did an investigation about friction by using different materials. We discovered that bubble wrapping had the most friction, so the toy car did not travel very far.  Smooth lino had very little friction, so the toy car travelled a further distance.

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to Ash class and the Juniors! It has been lovely helping your child settle in to the routines of school this week.

We have an exciting year ahead of us with a lot of great topics and activities planned. This letter is to let you know the general routine in Ash and introduce my colleagues who will be working in the class.  Every year, the staff work on an element of teaching that will help the children’s learning.  We are very excited to launch a new project called “Learning to Listen; Listening to Learn”.  We firmly believe that good listening will further enhance learning.

Every morning, English and Maths will be taught. The majority of the foundation subjects will be taught through topic work in the afternoons.  Miss Healey will be in every Wednesday afternoon to teach R.E, Music and/or Computing.  Also on a Monday afternoon, Calvin Moorhead will be teaching the children.  Mrs Steel, Mrs Swallow and Mr Young will join the Year 3 team and assist in lessons during the week.

P.E. (indoor or outdoor, weather dependent) will be taught on Mondays and Fridays. (Calvin -Mondays, Mrs Davies -Fridays).  It would be advisable if your child leaves their P.E. kit in school to avoid “forgotten kit” or if the P.E. sessions have to change. P.E. kit includes blue shorts, white T-shirt, trainers, spare socks and when the weather gets colder and wetter, tracksuit bottoms, fleece and coat.  Please could you ensure all items of clothing are clearly named.  Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed.  If earrings cannot be removed, they must be covered with tape, which needs to be provided please.

Your child will bring home his/her reading book each night, which they need to return to school each day. It would be greatly appreciated if they could read out loud to an adult on a regular basis, with you asking questions about what they have read to check comprehension.  In Ash, we continue to write comments in the reading diary when we listen to children read banded reading books as we find it is a useful link between home and school.  In addition when group Guided Reading sessions commence,   teachers have an opportunity to listen to individuals reading, but comments are not noted in their reading diary.

For most of the term our topic will be “It’s All Greek to Me!” concentrating on the Ancient Greek civilisation. It is a hugely popular topic and we are extremely excited to be covering it once again. Approaching Christmas, we move on to a short topic called “Come and Join the Celebration”.  We focus on how a different culture celebrates Christmas.  In Ash, we also start French lessons on a weekly basis.

Your child will soon be in possession of a Home Learning book.   Inside there will be a list of various activities linked to our Ancient Greece topic.  From the list you will need to choose 4 activities to complete over the whole term (2 per half-term).  Extra Maths activities will also be included during the term (one per half term) to consolidate their mathematical learning.  Also on the inside cover there is the Year3/4 Statutory Spelling list.  We will be working our way through the word list during the year.  In addition, every Friday, your child will bring home a list of weekly spellings, as well as times tables to learn.  We would like you to take time to help your child learn these in preparation for the spelling and maths challenges that take place the following Friday.

Arrangements for bus children slightly change for the Juniors – we no longer utilise the individual bus book system. Therefore, it would be advisable to ring the school office to confirm if your child is NOT catching the bus at the end of the day as usual.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume he/she is on the bus as usual.

On Wednesday 12th September at 4.00p.m. there will be an opportunity to come in and “Meet the Teacher”, but if you do have any queries or problems regarding your child, please do pop in and see me any time.  Later on in the term there will be an evening for you to discuss how your child has settled in to Ash.  Additional events during the term will be put on the school website or communicated to you via the School App.

I am very much looking forward to working with your child this year and eager to see them try their very best and enjoy their learning. If you could spare any time to come in to school and help with activities on a weekly basis or help with trips that require extra adult help, please let me know.

On behalf of myself and the Ash team, thank you for your support.

Kind regards,


Sally Davies.