Active Lives Survey

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Help with a survey about sport and physical activity for children

Sport England is looking to find out about the sorts of sports and physical activities that children and young people in Years 1 to 11 take part in, both in and out of school. For the youngest children, in Years 1 and 2, they would like to ask parents about what types of activities their children take part in, including cycling, walking, dance and sport. The information collected through the survey will help Sport England to invest in opportunities for children and young people to take part in and benefit from sport and physical activity.

Our school has agreed to take part in this research.  Your child’s class (Year 2, 4, 6) has been selected to take part in the survey.  Your child will be asked to complete a very simple online questionnaire designed especially for children of their age. They will have an individual questionnaire but will be completing it in a time and place where other children from their class will also be taking part. They will do this during the school day at a suitable time decided by their teacher. We will provide each child with information in advance to explain what the research is about and what the survey will be like. If your child does not wish to take part they can tell their teacher this on the day.

If you do not want your child to take part in this research, please let your child’s class teacher know.  If you are happy for your child to take part, you do not need to do anything.

In addition, Sport England would also like the parents of children in Year 2 to complete an online questionnaire which will take about 20 minutes.  This will supplement the answers your child gives with more detailed information and will help to build a broader picture of activities done by children of this age. You can complete the survey at home and many parents find it helpful to complete the survey with their child present. We will send you a web link to the survey in due course. Please complete this survey thinking about your child in Year 2. Please follow this link for the parent questionnaire:

A note for parents with more than one child in Year 2: If you have more than one child in Year 2 you can complete the survey twice, thinking about a different child each time.  If you only wish to complete the survey once please complete it for the child whose name is earliest in the alphabet. Incentive to complete the form: for every 5 surveys completed by parents, the school will receive a fixed amount of money!

Ipsos MORI will store your child’s information securely and keep it confidential. The County Sports Partnership and Sport England will know which schools and year groups have taken part but they will not know which individual children or parents have taken part. You and your child will not be required to provide your names.  Your answers will be combined with other people’s answers and only anonymous data will be reported. The results will be presented in a statistical report and no individual child, parent or school will be identified in the published report or statistics.

The research is being conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. If you would like any further information about this project or the questionnaire testing, please contact Becky Underwood, Development Officer, Active Cumbria t:07717 586430      e: