Welcome to Sedbergh Primary School

Welcome to Sedbergh Primary School

Welcome back everyone to the start of the new school year. I sincerely hope you have found the opportunity to enjoy some time together as families and friends over the break. Time is one of the most precious commodities that we have; I have really enjoyed being able to spend it with my own family over the summer holiday.

During this academic year, as a school, and in partnership with families, we would like to revisit the very beliefs and values that underpin the learning that takes place here, that define our curriculum. As a group, we are going to consider the vision we have for your children as they grow up, and the values that are at the foundation of how we operate; the ‘why’ of what we do. In future weeks, we will organise some open meetings for parents, followed by surveys and questionnaires about our values. I hope that you will be willing to contribute your thinking to this important development work. It will fall into 3 main areas;

Our Focus – What do we choose to focus on when children are with us?

Our Vision – How will we equip children to operate effectively and successfully in an unknown future?

Our Values – What underpins our thinking, what beliefs do we share?

I look forward to working with you and hearing your ideas on this.

FAIRACTIVE SCHOOLEco-Schools Bronze Award

Within these pages we hope that you can find everything you need to know about our wonderful school. If not, please use the ‘contact us’ page to get in touch.

Warm regards,

Matthew Towe – Head teacher